Capturing Power and Motion

I see capturing power and motion pictures very precisely. Sports photography is always a challenge.

I like the idea of ​​working with real sports players Enthusiastic about their sport. I really want to take pictures of this enthusiasm, adrenaline and movement in my photos. So, I need a fast camera and a quick flash. I’m using Profoto’s new monolight, It is the fastest monolight lighting currently on the market.

Having a fast flash means that you will never miss an opportunity. I do not want to stop in the middle of the movement and miss the special shot. In most cases, speed makes the difference. I have not used less than 8 D2 units during this imaging session. Two units in the background.

Each of them has a Zoom Reflector. Two units focused on players. Each with Strip Stoftbox. We also have some strong ambient light infiltrated into the studio from the windows to the right.

We put four D2 units equipped with CTO liquid. It crept through the back windows to give us a feeling of warmth from the sun during the morning. So we used some tricks to adjust the lighting.

I used the High-Speed ​​Sync feature in D2, Which helps me control the ambient light and control it through flash. It makes me fully control the image. The images should appear dynamically. We’ll see sweat drops and powder in the air and heroic poses. This is what sports photography is all about.

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