Sony A9 Camera

The Sony a9 camera is really a game-changer for pro photography. It’s really a sports wildlife type of camera, and the reason why is it can shoot twenty frames per.

Second, as far as photos, that’s twenty photos in a row. It can do exposure and autofocus on every single photo and because it’s a mirrorless camera. It can actually do that silence.

You also have 693 autofocus points. That’s over 93% percent of the image and the sensor. That means it can pull autofocus almost anywhere. It really isn’t meant for video, and so this is really a photography camera and one reason why is they actually don’t include s log. So for those looking for, could this be a great video shooter? You might want to stick with the a7s2 or the a7 r2.

It does have a headphone jack, it has a mic jack, you have dual SD card slots. The eyepiece itself is super bright and super butyl for a mirrorless camera. The image needs to be created, digitally, and so the eyepiece looks great. The screen on the back looks amazing.

It does have a PC sync and the Ethernet cable, which is definitely a pro photographer feature. So if you’re shooting the Olympics or pro sports and you want to just drop those photos straight into a workflow for people can edit them and post them.

Some of the pros have been reporting that you get to experience things while you’re taking the photos because you’re not being interrupted by those shutters. It’s a great camera and one of the top for sports photographers.

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